Our sensory market research is conducted by highly trained sensory panellists using PPL’s purpose-built in-house facilities.

Sensory profiling and analysis provides a completely objective analysis of the sensory aspects of a product – not influenced by issues such as branding or pricing. It is an essential part of product development, enabling product optimisation and the creation of new, healthier or reduced-cost recipe alternatives.

By measuring the sensory characteristics in your product, we can help you to understand issues such as how your product compares with those of competitors, whether your quality control measures are working to ensure every batch of products is the same and how your product changes with age.

As a full-service agency, we are also able to provide an integrated programme of sensory and other market research to fully understand whether your product will appeal to consumers or what changes should be made.

To find out more about our sensory profiling and analysis services, please contact Mark Lifton at mark.lifton@pplinsights.com