Consumers don’t just make rational decisions based on perceptions of their functional needs. Decisions are also emotional.

Qualitative market research takes us deep into consumer understanding and perception – providing valuable insights into your products, your market and your customers.

Our tailor-made solutions draw upon a range of approaches including Ethno Immersions, Creative Workshops (consumer and client) and online communities. We also conduct focus groups, depth interviews and accompanied shops, adding another layer of perception and to help provide the ‘why’.

We’re also able to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions by running qualitative elements (groups, mini-depths and Vox Pops) at CLTs to help add more depth and colour to quantitative learnings.

Our extensive qualitative market research experience ensures that the research is designed to deliver what you need to meet your business objectives, using evidence-based approaches to provide the voice of your consumer.

As a full-service agency, we can also advise on when a mixed-methodology research programme is appropriate, such as using qualitative research to explore issues exposed by quantitative market research in greater depth.

To find out more about our qualitative market research services, please contact Myrna Jones at