As part of our commitment to delivering great service, we work in partnership with a number of other service providers.

All of our providers are tried, tested and trusted!


A partnership with this highly respected statistical consultancy has been established as part of our continued drive to provide the best design ideas and scope for data collection, recommend appropriate statistical methodologies and offer advice on the most effective metrics to support your business decisions.


Sonia at Oxy Insight has been working as our Qualitative Director for a number of years and brings with her a wealth of experience across many categories. Her experience includes concept development / positioning research, consumer journey studies, usage and attitude studies as well as packaging and advertising development. She is responsible for discussion guide development, moderating our focus groups, in-depth interviews and video interviews and reporting the key findings.


Ros and Ian at QPSMR are our data processors and get to work once we send them the raw data from our consumer studies; checking, validating and producing the tables that we use to deliver your results.


One of our newest partnerships. Allows us to turn tables from QPSMR into reports in seconds and means we can spend more time focussing on key insights and recommendations for your business and less time charting.


Another new partnership at PPL. Allows us to work with video feedback at scale. We can capture, analyse and extract meaningul insights from videos uploaded by respondents to give our reports more depth and help tell you what consumers really think of your product.