PPL Insights are proud to announce that Managing Director, Yvonne Taylor, has received the MRS Fellowship Award.

The award is an endorsement of the significant contribution Yvonne has made to research thinking via a wide range of articles and conference sessions particularly on food/sensory and product development research. Yvonne also acts as a mentor for MRS and promotes its CPD scheme, as well as supporting other associations including the Institute of Food Science and Technology.

On receiving her Fellowship, Yvonne said: “I have spent the majority of my career working on food and drink, which means I have focussed my work on consumer research as well as product research using descriptive sensory profiling techniques – the latter being adjacent, but complimentary, to the MRS umbrella. However, I am pleased to say MRS recognised the value to the research industry and awarded me a Fellowship. When I received the letter, I was so excited the whole office knew about it in less than 10 seconds – I’d like to put that down to my great communication skills, but my team would probably say it is because I am a bit noisy!”.

Our sources couldn’t possibly comment other than to say a massive congratulations to Yvonne on a achieving such an esteemed award. It’s much deserved.