PPL Insights’ Myrna Jones attended the two-day Impact 2019 – MRS Annual Conference.

Impact 2019 showcased the widest range of voices in the insight community.

The two-day programme was divided into three themes:

  • Commercial creativity: augmenting business with insight, intelligence and flair for profit
  • Future fusion: synthesising data, technology and creativity for transformation
  • Smart societies: blending disciplines, tools and tactics for progress

A selection of key take outs that resonated most with Myrna during the conference included:

  • employees need to feel as if they belong (a sense of family)
  • small meetings are best: (3-4 people max.) allows ideas to flow and for more honest responses (in bigger meetings, people tend to be more afraid to speak up)
  • time and space is important to creativity: the best ideas invariably come about in ‘down-time’ not at work!
  • AI will not be taking over: data requires understanding, thought leadership
  • focus on human values, rather than gender: how younger age groups now think about gender is very different – it is a continuum, it is more fluid. Companies/ brands need to consider this generation as they move into adulthood.