As SSG Chair, PPL Insights’ Senior Sensory Manager, Steph Mitchell, will be attending the 13th Pangborn symposium alongside Yvonne Taylor (Managing Director) and Gill Lunn (Director). They will also be at our exhibition table throughout the conference and would be happy to discuss any sensory challenges you may have.

In partnership with GSK, we also have a Flash Poster presentation at the Symposium, Monday 29th July @ 14.10-16.10pm. The study addresses the hypothesis that consumers in different countries react similarly to ‘warming’ and ‘cooling’ sensations in terms of how they describe them and how they rate their intensity. A 5-minute oral presentation of the findings will be scheduled as part of the event.

In a second collaboration, this time with Plumpton College, using PPL Insights’ sensory panel, two additional posters will also be on display.

All three posters will be showcased at the Symposium, which takes place from 28 July – 1 August 2019 @ Edinburgh International Convention Centre in Edinburgh.

You will also see Steph, Yvonne and Gill around Pangborn in their roles a SSG Ambassadors.

If you see them, say hello!