In light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the purpose of this message is to inform you that PPL Insights has business continuity plans in place that will ensure we will make every effort to keep your projects running smoothly.

This policy works alongside our ISO 202525:2012 and ISO27001 GDPR regulation in terms of data management, data handling and data transfer.

You can count on PPL’s teams to maintain the quality and timing of our work. Our teams have the ability to work remotely as needed and, when necessary, we can move projects to different geographies (in the UK) as well as leveraging our network of global partners.

In terms of respondent participation, we are closely monitoring the situation and can report that the Coronavirus has thus far had no impact on participation rates.

We will also be screening respondents to check if:

  • They have travelled back from or have been in close contact with anyone from the Governments website of affected countries.
  • They think they are potentially suffering from Coronavirus type symptoms
  • They have tested positive for Coronavirus/COVID19

As always, respondents are giving us their time and they are at liberty at any time during a test to withdraw.

I’m hoping that this provides reassurance that we are fully prepared and are able to fulfil existing project and future project work.

If you have any questions, please contact your PPL team. Thank you for your continued business.

Yvonne Taylor, Managing Director, PPL Insights

+44 (0)1293 558955