7Sep, 2017

PPL Insights’ Stace Gothard gets a promotion

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PPL Insights' Stace Gothard has been promoted to Senior Research Executive.

4Sep, 2017

PPL Insights have fun at Pangborn

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It was great to be able to meet so many interesting people at our exhibition booth.

15Jun, 2017

PPL Insights well red for BHF

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Staff at PPL Insights wore a riot of red in support of BHF's Wear it, Beat It event.

5Jun, 2017

PPL Insights at ESOMAR Sensory Seminar

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PPL Insights will be at the upcoming ESOMAR Sensory Seminar 2017 in Amsterdam (8 June).

2Jun, 2017

PPL Insights announce winner of ‘What’s in the cake?’ contest

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Anne Sonley, Sensory Services Manager at McCain Foods, came closest to guessing the vegetable ingredient in the PPL Insights cake.

15May, 2017

PPL Insights is at the upcoming SSG Conference

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Yvonne Taylor, Mark Lifton, Steph Mitchell and Anitha Arai would be happy to discuss any sensory challenges you may have.

24Mar, 2017

PPL Insights’ Complete Success in Food Safety

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All PPL Insights' teams pass Food Safety in Catering Course.

23Mar, 2017

PPL Insights at Pangborn Sensory Symposium

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PPL Insights will be at the 12th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium in Rhode Island, USA.

16Mar, 2017

PPL Insights’ sensory success at Insight Show

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PPL Insights’ chocolate taste challenge is a crowd-pleaser.

14Mar, 2017

PPL Insights uncovers taste expert at Insight Show

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The winner of the PPL Insights taste test is Amy Cook, Senior Promo Producer Director at QVC.