The Issue

Our client wanted to prioritise a particular category of it’s product portfolio for further development.

Research was required to provide a deeper understanding of consumer preferences in multiple countries, including identifying drivers of liking and the key product attributes that delivered most effectively versus specific consumer needs.

What we did

A multi-product consumer test which took place simultaneously in three countries covering our clients products and a broad selection of country-specific competitor products that represented typical variations within the category.

Preference mapping to identify any discreet market segments based on consumer product preferences within each country.

Statistical (regression) analysis of consumer and sensory profile data to identify the key drivers of liking within each market.

Using CATA (check all that apply) lists of descriptors to explain in consumer terms what the key drivers are, what terms are most appealing for use on pack and which correlate most with identified consumer needs.


We were able to help our client gain a clear understanding of current market consumer preferences across all three countries.

We were also able to help guide future product development by successfully identifying drivers of liking, as well as which product attributes delivered most effectively versus key consumer needs.