The Issue

Understanding what aesthetics signify healthy skin at a holistic level and where body moisturisers fit into this perception of skin health sensorially, both in terms of functionality and emotionality.

What we did

Sensory Profiling to understand the sensory space

Online qualitative ethno-depths to deep dive into consumer vocabularies using moisturising products as stimulus.

A deprivation exercise was undertaken prior to starting the product test. Consumers used multiple products over multiple days. The study explored how each product contributed to healthy skin and how they ranked in terms of preference. Outputs were a combination of text, video and audio commentary. Tasks were completed individually, with guidance from moderators.

Quantitative Home Usage Test over several weeks with health-conscious women to assess multiple skin moisturisers.


Using feedback from the ethno-depths and HUT, in conjunction with sensory data, we were able to develop outputs that:

  • identified attributes that signify healthy skin
  • provide a well informed product development brief
  • provide a holistic understanding of the body moisturiser landscape
  • identified opportunities for products that are appealing and differentiated.