The Issue

Our client wanted to put into place a more consumer focussed Quality Assurance (Q.A.) programme.

The objectives of the study were to:

  • Understand the key sensory attributes responsible for driving liking in their market so that they could focus the attention of their Q.A. team on the product attributes that matter most.
  • Monitor product quality on a continual basis and to understand the potential impact of any quality changes on consumer liking.

What we did

A multi-product consumer test with the target audience covering our clients product and a broad selection of competitor products. We also included some products that represented the typical variations in the production of our client’s product.

Descriptive sensory profiling to identify the key product differences.

Preference mapping to identify any discreet market segments based on consumer product preferences.

Statistical (regression) analysis of the consumer and sensory data in order to identify the key product attribute drivers of liking for the whole market and for each of the consumer preference segments.

Created a statistical model that is able to predict consumer liking based on a product’s sensory profile.


An improved and better targeted Q.A. system that is able to alert our client to any changes in product quality that are likely to harm consumer enjoyment of their product.