The Issue

To add value to the category, our client was interested in investing in pouch packs as a way of addressing issues with current packaging in their category:

  • size – pouch packs were smaller than existing packs
  • recycling / sustainability concerns (esp. among organic shoppers)
  • ergonomics – robustness of pack in the supply chain and in use.

The client wanted to explore the barriers, drivers, benefits and drawbacks of the new pouch packs.

What we did

Home Usage Test: to replicate real use, i.e. storage, opening and resealing several times, pouring from the pack at different levels of fullness, as well as pouring out variable amounts.

Qualitative groups with a pre-task:

1. Pre-task: covering experiences of shopping for this type pf product online, advantages and limitations of current packaging, opportunities to improve packaging and initial reactions to new pack

2.Product Placement: in-home trial by respondent and family providing photos/ films of usage

3.Groups: reviewing experiences of in-home trial and exploring opportunities to improve pack.


The new pack received positive reactions to usage in-home and its appealing eco credentials indicated the pack has potential for progression.