The Issue

Consumer research was required to assess the impact of two key production variables on the consumer acceptability of a leading brand of frozen food.

The objective of the study was to understand the impact of each variable and the levels where a significant change (improvement or decline) in consumer liking is achieved.

What we did

Buyers and regular consumers of the product category attended a Central Location Test (CLT).

The respondents assessed multiple samples unbranded. The products were presented in a sequential monadic format.

We used Cliff Analysis which is specifically designed to assess the impact and interaction of production variables in order to identify the point at which a significant change occurs in consumer liking.

We also used preference mapping to establish if any consumer segmentation existed in the market that was influencing responses.


We were able to use diagnostic feedback across the products to identify the specific production parameters for producing a superior current product.

It was also clear from the consumer segmentation analysis that an opportunity existed for our client to introduce a premium version of their current offering.