The Issue

The client’s R&D team were working on product improvements to their core product range with a view to developing clear points of difference versus their competitors.

Key requirements of the project were to: understand consumer liking of the new product, understand how the new product compared to their current offering and the competition, provide direction for product improvements, as well as measure concept appeal and potential product adoption.

What we did

The project took the form of two Central Location Tests (CLTs)

  • Test 1 : Unbranded benchmarking (to focus on the product and to remove the influence of the brands)
  • Test 2 : Branded concept-product test among category and brand buyers (to understand the full product offering)


It was established that the concept for the new products was well received and offered a clear USP.

However, consumer feedback also showed that the new recipes required improvements prior to launch in order to:

  • Achieve a significant improvement on the current product
  • Negate the dissonance between expectation at concept and actual product delivery.