The Issue

As part of a strategic review, a major food manufacturer needed to understand how each of its core products was performing against its main competitors.

Research was required to identify those products that:

  • Still enjoyed a consumer preference over their main rivals
  • Were being outperformed by competitors and which therefore required redevelopment (and to provide product development guidance where possible or to indicate where further consumer research was required).

What we did

A programme of unbranded multi-product tests with consumers relevant to each product market

Descriptive sensory profiling to better understand key product differences and to help guide further product


We identified a number of products that had been overtaken by their competitors in terms of overall
consumer liking. By combining the outputs of the consumer research and sensory profiling we were able to
provide product development guidance.

Our client was able to use the more favourable results in their communications and negotiations with the major supermarkets.