Fieldwork Controller

Lexie joined PPL Insights in January 2019 as a Field Controller. As part of her role, Lexie is responsible for organising logistics for quantitative and qualitative research projects. Ensuring each client’s individual needs and expectations are met requires careful preparation, as does planning events down to the last detail, all of which is good news for Lexie who is a self-confessed organisation addict with lists for everything!

Lexie has a background in the leisure industry and special education. Her previous role teaching and supporting young adults with profound and multiple learning difficulties was both challenging and immensely rewarding.

Leisure time for Lexie involves travel, exercise and anything related to history. She is also an experienced amateur performer having appeared on stage alongside the likes of Sue Pollard and Anita Dobson and singing remains a passion of hers.

She also admits to a keen interest in food and nutrition, but not cooking it herself!