At PPL Insights we provide all the insight tools you need to help identify the sensory drivers of product success, develop winning products and gain new customers.

We are a leading market research agency specialising in consumer and sensory research – both in the UK and internationally.

With a talent for helping develop winning concepts and products, we support 20 of the UK’s top 100 brands by helping them to deliver increased commercial success.

PPL Insights was formerly known as product perceptions ltd

Inspiring success through intelligent and responsive research

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Conducted in our purpose-built in-house facilities, sensory market research provides a completely objective analysis of the sensory aspects of a product.


We can undertake face-to-face or online quantitative market research anywhere in the world, enabling you to understand consumer perceptions.


Qualitative market research takes us deep into consumer understanding and perception – providing valuable insights into your products, your market and your customers.


We provide a specialist field and tab service to other leading market research companies, as well as clients, in the UK and from around the world for research in all sectors.